Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, we provide custom made IT solutions for clients in different industries. Secondly, we train those interested in acquiring tech skills till they become experts and lastly, we assist businesses and individuals by offering consultation sessions where we identify their IT needs and proffer the best guidance.

We develop software tailored to your business needs and we build a fully controlled website that accommodates all your personal or business offerings.

When you book a consultation session with us, our representative will schedule a call with you and audit the affected digital platform to understand what exactly is wrong. Once the problem is ascertained, we will present a probable solution and start work on it immediately.

Ivavtech doesn't just build websites, develop software or train upcoming tech gurus. We also provide routine maintenance for your digital platforms to ensure all parts function optimally.

We employ a variety of programming options e.g. Java, JavaScript. Python etc. to provide the best solution and our team which consists of highly experienced and sort after professionals help in deploying these technologies.

There are different websites with different scopes and complexities. So, there's no 'one cap fits all' duration for all the websites we build. However, a website development project will not take us two weeks to a month before it's delivered to you. On special occasions might be longer depending on requirements/complexities.

Just like a website, there's no particular duration for the completion of all categories of software but we can guarantee that you will have it handed over to in 4 to 6 weeks. This can sometimes be longer depending on requirements/complexities.

The duration of training depends on the course you opt-in for. However, our courses duration ranges from 4 weeks to 6 months.

With us you can learn and become proficient in Project/Product Management, Business Analysis, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Web Development, Full stack Development etc. Also, you can learn individual programming languages such as Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React Node, React JS and so on.

All our courses are delivered online which means you can attend classes remotely and at your preferred location.

Absolutely! Our courses are taught by industry practitioners who will not only impact you with theoretical concepts but also take you through the rigours of practicals so that you can be equipped for real world problems.